NWL Hires Long-Time Movement Organizer and Writer Jenny Brown

 JB head shot
Photo of Jenny Brown

NWL is delighted to announce that we have hired Jenny Brown to do research and writing for the group.  She comes to us after four years at Labor Notes, a longstanding radical organization dedicated to ‘putting the movement back in the labor movement,’ where she was magazine co-editor and coordinated conferences.  Before that, Jenny worked for both Redstockings and NWL in various capacities.  In particular, she wrote and organized during our decade-long battle for the Morning-After Pill, and while working for Redstockings co-authored Women’s Liberation and National Health Care: Confronting the Myth of America, with Kathie Sarachild and Amy Coenen (Redstockings: 2001).


We’re particularly looking forward to Jenny putting her time toward the questions that we tackled in our recent conference with Loretta Ross, on how U.S. women can gain the leverage to get the changes that we need.  For example, can we use the still incomplete power we’ve gained over our reproductive lives through birth control and abortion to improve our working conditions when we do have children?

Thanks to all who have donated to NWL to make this possible. For those who might consider an additional (or first time) donation, now is a good time. It will help make Jenny’s position sustainable.