National Women's Liberation proudly joins Occupy Wall Street

October 12, 2011—National Women's Liberation proudly joins Occupy Wall Street in protesting the power and exploitation by the 1% over the rest of us.

We encourage all women and feminist organizations to lend their strength to the women and men of Occupy Wall Street around the country whose actions are moving our country again toward "liberty and justice for all."


The economic system symbolized by Wall Street that puts profits ahead of all else is squeezing women on many fronts and is a major obstacle to winning women's liberation.

This system unfairly makes women dependent on employers —and often on men and their employers—for our very survival. Employers reinforce male supremacy by paying men more, and by providing benefits to male workers that female workers have less access to.

The current unjust economic system also depends on women's work bearing children and on the individual family's labor in the home, raising children and sometimes caring for elders or loved ones who are chronically ill. But nearly all of this work is unpaid, and, unjustly, almost exclusively done by women.

The 1% who rule this country and control our wealth want to take away all birth control and abortion – pouring billions into organizations that seek to push women into forced childbearing and submission. The 1% put "mothers” and “motherhood" on a mythological pedestal, while fiercely opposing programs - like paid family leave and national health care- that would actually help families. The 1% want to get rid of the programs, like public schools, Medicare and Social Security, that have provided women with some measure of independence and freedom.


We are sick of the “double day”- getting paid less than men on the job, and coming home to extra shifts of housework and child-rearing.

We are fed up with politicians, women’s magazines and pundits suggesting that women just need to find some “balance” in our lives, as if there are individual solutions to the problems we face. Justice for women requires social solutions and new and better community institutions.

We don’t want counseling, tips on how to multi-task and relieve stress, or “flex time.” We want justice and democracy.

We demand high quality education from birth on, national health care, a shorter work week, paid family leave (for women and men) and vacation and sick time guaranteed by law for all. Many other countries around the world have these programs. The U.S. has none. It’s time the 1% paid their fair share for this type of real democracy.

We want men to fight with us for these programs in addition to our longstanding demands that they fully share the work, worry and problem-solving of all household chores and child-rearing.

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