Women of Color Caucus Meeting on Violence Against Women

Join us for our next Women of Color Caucus Meeting, Sat., February 21, 2015 at noon. We will be holding a consciousness-raising meeting in Gainesville, Florida and New York City at locations to be determined. We will be discussing our experiences with violence by answering the following questions:

When have you been physically or verbally threatened or experienced violence against you (i.e. from men, from police, etc.)? Did you fight back in some way? Why or why not? What happened? What role did race play, if any? What role did sex play, if any?

The Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) is an organizing think tank composed of women of color associated with National Women's Liberation (NWL). We believe that women of color involved in women's liberation must also meet separately from white women in order to address problems specifically affecting women of color. For more information, visit us online.