Fall 2016 - "Women's Liberation: Where Do I fit In?" A 10-Week Class

Wednesdays, September 28-December 7 (excluding 11/23), 6:30-9:30pm

FEE: $40 for members, $50 nonmembers (includes readings), No one turned away for lack of funds

TO REGISTER: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This class is for women who want to understand basic truths and political causes of the unfairness in our daily lives; how a feminist movement was organized to change this; what we can do now to build the kind of movement that can put the male chauvinist establishment on the run again; and how each woman can contribute to that effort.
You will learn about the heroic struggle women have waged, individually and collectively, for our survival and our freedom. What lessons and strategies from women’s fighting history can we apply today? Through a combination of lecture, discussion of readings*, and conscious- ness-raising, participants will learn about the radical ideas and methods that sparked the rebirth of the fe- minist movement in the 1960s.
This class is not about personal liberation through improved self-esteem or an alternative women’s culture, recalling a golden age of matriarchy, or how feminism can save the planet. Nor is it about achieving status in the present corrupt system through individual self-improvement or lifestyle changes.
The following will be covered:
•    The origins of the feminist movement and the how these truths have been buried.
•    Consciousness-raising: getting to the root of sexism. Who benefits? Who pays?
•    Radical feminist theory: what is radical? What is radical feminism? What is male supremacy?
•    Reproductive Labor and Reproductive Justice
•    Planning an action to fight back