10.26.13 - Morning-After Pill Brigade Actions



Photos by Laurie Wen. Left Photo:  NWL organizers stage a protest in a Rite Aid on 6th Ave near 14th Street, where Plan B One-Step is locked in                                                                  ridiculously large, locked boxes. Right Photo: At Duane Reade a non-intrusive, non-locked packaging is being used.


On October 26, 2013, the NWL New York Chapter took to the streets to do our own investigation of how Plan B One-Step is being sold. Whenever we saw obstacles, such as the pill locked in attention-grabbing locked boxes, or lack of over-the-counter access, we "zapped" the pharmacy: doing a street theater action right in the aisle. We raised consciousness of how the locked boxes embarrass women; suggest that women who need birth control are apt to steal it; and confuse staff.

We are happy to report that some pharmacies are utilizing a new, non-intrusive plastic enclosure. However, the way that Plan B One Step is sold varies from store to store- even within the same chain. In some stores, Plan B One Step remains behind the counter. And the price (around $50) continues to be a problem everywhere.

Help us gather more information on how the Morning-After Pill is being sold! Investigate your local pharmacy and fill out our survey.