4.19.16 - Speak-Out For Reproductive Rights

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, National Women’s Liberation (NWL), Gainesville chapter will hold a Speak-Out for Reproductive Rights on the Plaza of the Americas at UF at 12:00pm. 

This year, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1411, an anti-abortion law defunding women’s clinics that provide abortions. The right to birth control, including abortion, is a cornerstone of women’s freedom. Women’s right to abortion is being chipped away at through each law passed, and we are fed up with it!

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Take Action Now:

1. Visit a federal qualified health center near you
2. Film yourself asking for a reproductive health service
3. Upload the video to the Not My Clinic Facebook group and tag it using the hashtags #notmyclinic and #thisoppresseswomen