6.5.13 - Appeals Court Orders Obama Administration to Put Morning-After Pill Over-The-Counter


Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Obama Administration to put the two-pill form of the Morning-After Pill fully over-the-counter for women and girls of all ages and sold in any store. The Court upheld an earlier order in favor of the National Women's Liberation plaintiffs in the Tummino v. Hamburg lawsuit.

This victory is due to the feminist movement! Watch the video of women who have been flashmobbing pharmacies and picketing all over the country, share it with others, and join us!

The Obama Administration still needs to listen to women, listen to the courts, and DROP their legal appeal and filibustering and put the morning-after pill over-the-counter for all ages. Right now is the best time to pressure Obama to drop the court appeal entirely.



The "two-pill" form of the Morning-After Pill referred to by the Court is called "Next Choice." It the generic form of the brand-name Morning-After Pill product called "Plan B." Both "Next Choice" and "Plan B" are made from levonorgesterol, a form of progesterone.

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For more legal info and documents see the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.