5.13.14 - Gov. Scott: Women Demand You Veto Anti-Abortion Bill (HB1047/SB918)

Call Governor Rick Scott at (850) 488-7146 or click here to send him an email demanding he veto anti-abortion bill HB1047/SB918!

Press Contacts:

Kendra Vincent, Chapter Chair, National Women's Liberation-Gainesville chapter, ph. 352-256-3164

Brooke Eliazar-Macke, Organizer, National Women's Liberation- Gainesville chapter, ph. 352-514-7769



The Florida Legislature is attacking women's and girl's rights in Florida. HB1047/SB918, which vaguely claims to "revise circumstances under which a pregnancy in the third trimester may be terminated," permits doctors to place the potential life of a fetus above the life of a woman.


Calling on our doctors to prioritize the life of a fetus over our own lives lays bare the Florida Legislature's belief that women are just walking incubators, and that the Legislature has license to control women's reproductive decisions about when or if we have a child. Governor Scott has a choice: he can either side with the legislators who strip women of control over our bodies, or he can stand with the powerful constituency of women voters in Florida and veto this bill.

Incredibly, this law increases the already high barrier to a woman accessing a third trimester abortion by prohibiting abortions once a fetus is viable -- when it can survive outside of a woman's body.  NWL-Gainesville chapter organizer Kendra Vincent said, "Access to abortion at any stage is necessary to women's freedom and self-determination. Focusing on the fetus rather than the woman who carries that fetus is misguided and anti-woman."  This focus will also erode women's rights even further with future changes in medical technology. This is a direct affront to women's right to control our bodies and our lives. 

The U.S. Supreme Court has made clear that even when states prohibit third trimester abortions, there must be an exception when a woman's life or health is in danger. Florida's new law prohibits doctors from considering whether the mental health and well-being of a woman seeking such an abortion is in danger. The law also permits doctors to prioritize the health of the fetus over that of the pregnant mother. We will not stand by silently and allow yet another obstacle to be placed between women and our right to medical care.

NWL-Gainesville chapter organizer Brooke Eliazar-Macke said, "We are not fooled: no one is being 'protected' by this bill. If the legislature that passed this bill is really concerned about young Floridians, it should focus on providing access to health care, public education, and creating options for affordable childcare. Instead they choose to focus on taking away women's and girls' right to self-determination."

A woman or girl who arrives at the decision to end her pregnancy is someone who has considered her options and who has discussed the risks with her doctor. This bill is not about informing pregnant women or caring for future children. Biased counseling, referrals to crisis pregnancy centers and increased restrictions on providers are about shaming and confusing women and their health care providers. 

We demand self-determination for all women and girls, which includes the ability to terminate a pregnancy that we don't want.   

Veto this bill or you will face the anger of women across the state as you face re-election in a few short months.