Overthrowing the Double Day

Women demand time for work, family, and ourselves. In order for women to move closer to the feminist dream of time for work, family, and community, the whole society — including employers and individual men — must help pay for and do the work of bringing up children. The generations coming up keep our society running. It is unjust for the labor of raising children to be borne by women alone. For women to move closer to liberation, we not only need individual men to pull their weight at home, we need the whole society to pull its weight. We want high quality education from birth on, national health care, a shorter work week, paid parental leave (for women and men) and vacation and sick time guaranteed by law for all.



Responding to Anne-Marie Slaughter on “Having it All”

by Nicole Hardin

In a recent issue of The Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter, former director of policy planning at the State Department and current Princeton University professor, wrote an article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.”  


I’m more than a Mom, a Wife and an Employee

By Candi Churchill

This is an edited version of a talk given at an event organized by Rad Dad author Tomas Moniz, June 2012 at the Civic Media Center in Gainesville, FL.
All this talk about this way or that way to shoot the baby out of the canal. Epidural or no epidural? Are you going “natural” or are you going to allow “interventions?” Sleep training? Attachment parenting? Cry it out? Breast? Bottle? Both? There are a lot of ways to have a family and raise a child and in the end, most kids are going to be loved and provided for (we hope). But what about what happens to us? There’s not a lot of talk about how hard it is to readjust to your new life.
When I had my baby, my life changed forever. Sure it changed for the better in many ways. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. My heart stretched in ways I never knew possible. I love his laugh. I love his kisses. He’s amazing. But it is extremely hard and I feel some days that I’ve lost myself. I didn’t expect that. 


Kathie Sarachild of Redstockings of the Women's Liberation Movement speaks on the feminist radio show, Joy of Resistance:

"The slogan 'women can have it all,' is a complete distortion of the original feminist position. What we meant was that women can have it all if we organize a power base and fight for the social institutions they have in other countries - not that we can have it all as things are right now. The media is using the falsity of the idea that we can have it all right now to argue that women can never have it all and they should go back to deciding between being mothers and career women." Listen to the show here